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Reason why your pets training fails.

Any professional dog trainer will tell you that there is no such thing as an “untrainable” dog. The real reason for this is because all dogs had to learn their behavior patterns from somewhere. No dog is born knowing exactly how to sit, stay, or come when called. Nor is any dog born with an uncanny ability to ignore you and only you.

Because we know that all dog behavior is learned, we also know that if your dog is not well-behaved, then they simply have not learned the right stuff, yet.

No this does not mean anyone is a bad trainer. It just simply means your dog is not learning the stuff it needs to learn in order to be properly trained. Unfortunately many people do not realize that sometimes the deck is stacked against them when it comes to dog training.

So here are 7 common things that are working against you when you try to train your dog.


Finding a natural pain relief for dogs and cats, particularly a joint pain reliever, should be a process of diagnosis from a professionally trained veterinarian who can prescribe proper treatment. Pain can be a subjective matter when observing your dog or cat. Their actions may mask or hide the amount of pain they may have received from an injury or perhaps the onset of arthritis. The main aspect to look for is the speed in which your pet responds to you. Do they favor one leg when walking? Or, do they get out of their resting position very slowly? Any noticeable changes in their behavior that lasts for longer than a couple of days may warrant a call to your veterinarian.

Does your pet have these symptoms?


  • Licking affected joints
  • Falls behind on walks
  • Reduction in muscle tone/bulk
  • Mild swelling/heat in the joints
  • Slight Stiffness on rising/lying down
  • Somewhat reluctant to climb stairs


  • Lethargic-decreased appetite
  • Slight limping or favoring one side
  • Slight difficulty getting into/out of litter box
  • Less inclination to jump or climb
  • Reduced grooming