Some types of Vegan Desserts

A lot of people are worried, when they are contemplating changing to a vegan diet, or when they are just beginning, that they will miss out on eating some of their favorite foods. While that is true, you’d be surprised at how much vegans can actually eat–and it tastes great, too! What about desserts? Here are several types of vegan desserts you can have.

The reality is, almost everything you can have as an omnivore, dessert wise, you can have as a vegan, with a few exceptions. Ice cream has to be made with something other than cream, marshmallows need something besides gelatin in them, and I’ve yet to see a decent rendition of anything made with egg whites as a base, such as macaroons or lemon meringue pie.

But as far as other desserts are concerned, you can still have your vegan cake, and eat it, too!


The main substitutions in these are to replace the eggs with something else that will produce a light end product. Often the biggest factor is a dense cake when the eggs are removed. But egg substitutes can work quite well here.