Finding a natural pain relief for dogs and cats, particularly a joint pain reliever, should be a process of diagnosis from a professionally trained veterinarian who can prescribe proper treatment. Pain can be a subjective matter when observing your dog or cat. Their actions may mask or hide the amount of pain they may have received from an injury or perhaps the onset of arthritis. The main aspect to look for is the speed in which your pet responds to you. Do they favor one leg when walking? Or, do they get out of their resting position very slowly? Any noticeable changes in their behavior that lasts for longer than a couple of days may warrant a call to your veterinarian.

Does your pet have these symptoms?


  • Licking affected joints
  • Falls behind on walks
  • Reduction in muscle tone/bulk
  • Mild swelling/heat in the joints
  • Slight Stiffness on rising/lying down
  • Somewhat reluctant to climb stairs


  • Lethargic-decreased appetite
  • Slight limping or favoring one side
  • Slight difficulty getting into/out of litter box
  • Less inclination to jump or climb
  • Reduced grooming

Once diagnosed that your dog or cat is suffering from the effects of pain, the vet will probably prescribe some medication. This will depend on many factors of course, and oftentimes the vet may not want to introduce pain killers, as the side effects of that type of medication could have unintended results. Your vet might even prescribe a combination of diet, exercise, and pain medication to maximum positive results. You should be sure to ask questions to clear up any confusion you have concerning your pet’s care, and follow your vet’s instructions.

It’s said that dogs and cats are different in how they metabolize certain products. They say that a dog’s metabolism is somewhat similar to a human’s, and in some circumstances they can actually take aspirin. Yet, they claim cats should never be given these types of pain medications because they will have an adverse reaction. Pain medication for cats is a relatively new field of study, and progress is being made every day. Because a dog’s metabolism is so similar to that of a human’s, the amount of pain medication available for their use is far greater.

Herbal medicines that are said to be more effective for joint pain treatment for pets include Willow bark. This particular herb apparently acts like a natural aspirin, and may not upset their stomach like a regular aspirin might. Please note: Willow Bark and aspirin are said for use in treating dogs ONLY. Cats need very specific types of pain medication. In either case be sure to consult your vet.

Surprisingly, a natural pain remedy for cats is said to be acupuncture. The treatment of both dogs and cats with acupuncture therapy has been amazingly successful, and claims of many benefits have been made. They say that acupuncture helps to activate a cat’s own natural pain relief without the use of any drugs whatsoever. You will want to consult with your vet in order to discover a properly, well-trained acupuncture expert in your area who specializes in pets so that your cat can find some relief from pain.

Apparently, massage therapy can also be beneficial, and something you might be able to do right at home. Remember though, to be gentle with your cat and not to press so hard that causes an unpleasant reaction. What you’re trying to do is to get their blood flowing to the affected area, which means you want to activate the parts above the injury or arthritis affected joints. So, be sure to use a gentle massage, similar to how you normally stroke or pet your cat.

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